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Leaf earrings for Fall that won't fall


bronze leaf earrings with Fall leaves

Fall brings sweater weather, apple picking and all the beautiful 
trees that drop leaves in all the pretty Fall colors. I love the sound 
they make crunching underfoot. I also love my cute Loose Leaf earrings
that will always be there for you. Even when the tree's loose all their
leaves these earrings will be snug as bug waiting just waiting 
for you to slip in your cute little lobes. Wear these with a beanie, 
a turtleneck sweater and you'll be Fall ready. No rake required.

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Cool feminine layered necklaces

model earing layered bronze necklaces and leaf earrings
Layered necklaces add a lot punch to your outfits. And layer yourself with whatever 
style of jewelry fits your personality. Feminine or masculine or 
a bend of both. 

Sklyer is layered up in bronze chain and forged bars of bronze. 
The top necklace is called Bar None. Its uniquely offset. The longer
one is my Sundancer necklace. It has a giant Swarovski crystal pendant
dazzels in the sun. And last but not least are my "smaller" bronze
Loose Leaf earrings. They are light enough to compiment the
necklaces and not overpower. Don't be afraid to layer your jewelry!!

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