Light and easy jewelry that you can live in

handcrafted bracelet & leaf earrings on white table

Light and easy are exactly how my Loose Leaf earrings feel
hanging from your cute little earlobes - both the smaller leaf earrings
and the the larger leaf earrings. Until the breeze has them dancing
around your neck you almost forget that you even have earrings on! 
If you are like me then that it's a really big deal to have light weight 
earrings instead of heavy ones that feel like your ear piercing
can't take much more! Especially as we age.

My You are Loved bracelet is like a cuff but has a chunky clasp in back 
so that it will always stay put. This piece is so simple and pretty which
means it would easily blend in with your current bracelet stack. Don't wear a
bracelet stack? Thats ok. She is a stand alone piece that is light and easy!

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Browse my You are Loved bracelet here

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