Blog posts of '2022' 'July'

A sturdy silver bracelet that is tough as you are

silver rolo chain bracelet on wood

The Serena bracelet is made of tuff stuff! It's sturdy because
its made from stainless steel metal. And stainless steel is STRONG!
It can handle all of lifes ups and downs, while remaining at your side. 
A sleek modern industrial design that can be worn and
enjoyed every single day. This bracelet is part of a bigger collection
that I call my Steel Toe Collection. There are many ways to mix and
match all of the designs. Isn't that handy? Takes the guess work out!

Browse the Serena Bracelet here

Browse the entire Steel Toe Collection here.

Smile if you like pretty jewelry!


female wearing blue, orange gemstone necklace
What makes you smile? A colorful necklace, donuts, 
(have you seen The Donut King on Hulu?) you'll be
craving donuts immmediatly. But you can avoid those
calories and treat yourself to a longer lasting item that
make you smile, right?! I call this piece the Southwestern
Sunset necklace. Because a beautiful sunset is soothing and 
smile worthy. Wearing things that make you happy can 
change your mood. Changing your mood makes your day.
And when your day is better your much nicer to all those around 
you. So do miss out on those things in life that leave you smiling.

Browse the Southwestern Sunset Necklace here.

Simple plain chains stylish AND practical


wearing silver chain earrings and necklace

Plain silver oval chains like this necklace and earrings
should be a staple in every jewelry box. Chain jewelry 
doesn't compete with outfit colors and patterns. Chain
jewlery can be worn with tee shirts, business suits, and pretty
All of those things make this chain necklace and earrings
very practical pieces of jewelry. Very practical for traveling
and packing light. This jewelry is hardy and won't get tangled
in your suitcase. Whats not to love?!

Browse the Maya necklace here

Browse the Maya earrings here

Endless combinations of layered silver jewelry

wearing lots of silver layered jewelry

I've got a fabulous new jewlery line that offers endless combinations
of mixing and matching. Options that include both dainty to big
and bold. Made in stainless steel metal means that its hearty
and durable. Tarnish free means its stays shiny. Shown here 
are two bold statement necklaces, The Serena necklace and the
Chrissie necklace. They show that you CAN wear two statement 
necklaces together. Peaking out up top are the Bella earrings.
They are simple, complimentarty and don't try to steel the 
necklace show!

Browse the Serena necklace here

Browse the Chrissie necklace here

Browse the Bella earrings here

The power of words in book and word jewelry!

word bracelet on book

Words are everything. Words teach us how to communicate.
And word jewelry like this bracelet is an expression of love. 
it has the italian word for love 'amore' stamped along the edge 
of the heart. If the heart wasn't enough then the stamped word
gets the point across. And if you devour books about how to 
live your best life then this book by Michael Singer won't disappoint.
I would even go as far as saying that its life changing. Seriously.

The Amore bracelet will always be available on my site. I have sold
so many if these that they are here to stay. Words matter and 
love feels good.

Browse the Thats Amore bracelet here

Browse the That's Amore Bracelet in Sterling here

A statement bracelet that matches your wardrobe

industrial statement bracelet on wrist
Statement jewelry like this bracelet is big, bold and showy.
its the opposite of shy! Just one piece of jewelry can speak
volumes, whether its a bracelet or necklace. The ORing bracelet
is designed in mixed metals which is good looking AND
practical. Why? Because this means its so easy to match with
all your favorite clothes. And statement jewlery will have you
stamding out in a crowd...which is good, right?!

Browse the ORing bracelet here for more details

You've got the green light on this jewlery!

green gemstone necklace & colorful bracelet on rock
Oh yes you do! For starters this necklace is actually called
Green Light necklace and green means  - go. And while your
going, the Color Me Happy bracelet wants a ride as well. With complimentary colors
and a fun pattern they just go hand in hand. So cute together.
Happy jewlery with happy colors = a green light baby!

Browse the Green Light necklace here for more details

Browse the Color Me Happy Bracelet here for more details

A meaningful cuff bracelet for good luck


sterling silver line deign cuff on rocks

Jewelry symbolizes so many things. This cuff is bringing
the intention of discovering all the luck that comes your way.
Jewelry can be sentimental when remembering loved ones who have passed.
Jewelry symbolizes love and commitment for weddings and marriage.
Jewlery can be a status symbold for some. I could go on and on 
but you get the idea. This thick terling Lucky Bamboo Cuff.

The cuff has stamped line texture like you see on bamboo
plants. It works for all sexes. AND ther is an option to
personalize the inner band. So if you are wanting to send 
good luck to someone you might consider this bracelet, yes?!

Browse the Sterling Lucky Bamboo Cuff here for more details

Blue & green beauty in a necklace

blue green gemstone stick necklaces on distressed white table
if greens and blues are your go to colors then my Verde Belliza necklace 
is for you. The blue stick stone is more like a teal blue. Regardless
of the various shades that blues and greens come in, ANY of them 
together are STRIKING! Blue and green are analogous to one another
on the color wheel and are, therefore, very complementary. 
The Verde Belliza necklace shows you how much this colors like each 
other! As you can see no two stones are alike but they all look
organic and original.

Browse the Verde Belliza Necklace here for more details

A bracelet that feels like the Southwest

multi gemstone southwestern bracelet on white
This bracelet most definitely feels like the Southwest. Anything 
in this style is a combination of  dazzling Native American,
Mexican and Spanish artistry. Handcrafted. And like the 
Color Me Happy bracelet the vibrant hues of this region are
bold and eyecatching. Earthy and cool. If you can't get to
the Southwest this bracelet will take you there. Put on your
jeans and boots and say no more!

Browse the Color Me Happy Bracelet here for more details