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Smile if you like pretty jewelry!


female wearing blue, orange gemstone necklace
What makes you smile? A colorful necklace, donuts, 
(have you seen The Donut King on Hulu?) you'll be
craving donuts immmediatly. But you can avoid those
calories and treat yourself to a longer lasting item that
make you smile, right?! I call this piece the Southwestern
Sunset necklace. Because a beautiful sunset is soothing and 
smile worthy. Wearing things that make you happy can 
change your mood. Changing your mood makes your day.
And when your day is better your much nicer to all those around 
you. So do miss out on those things in life that leave you smiling.

Browse the Southwestern Sunset Necklace here.

Southwest sunset inspiration for a necklace

sunset colored gemstone necklace

Sadly having time for seeing the sunset doesn't fit everyones schedules in daily life. But when
you can, the benefits of pausing to experience a sunset sure feels good.

As the sun gets lower in the sky, the clouds and colors begin to transform. Those quiet
moments surrounded by natural beauty seem to wash your worries away. 

Trying to capture a sunset is hard because the colors are constantly changing. Sometimes
bold and sometimes soft pastels. I designed this necklace with those fierce bold colors
in mind. They are warm, vibrant and feel very alive. Just like the Southwest. You
can be reminded everyday.

For more details on my sunset gemstone necklace click here

October brings sweata weatha and the need for a warm necklace!

earthy sweater with orange & blue gemstone necklace

Cozy sweaters are for feeling soft, warm and snuggly of course. One of the things I love about Fall is
being able to wear cozy sweaters, cool jackets and pretty scarves - that also keep you warm. 

And don't be afraid to let some jewelry warm your spirits as well! Shown here is the Southwestern 
Sunset necklace. This blends gemstones of orange, peach, gold and blue into a warm strand for feeling
 sunset on your neck.

Learn more about this necklace here