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Easy go-to silver and black earrings

modern silver oval black gemstone earrings on green nnackground
Having a pair of easy go-to earrings for everyday is a life saver!
Lightweight earrings with casual cool style. You can wear
these to work with a business suit. Or with your blue jeans
and a flannel shirt. Or with your favorite black dress. That 
touch of black with the faceted onyx gemstone is smart,
sassy and strong. 

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Endless combinations of layered silver jewelry

wearing lots of silver layered jewelry

I've got a fabulous new jewlery line that offers endless combinations
of mixing and matching. Options that include both dainty to big
and bold. Made in stainless steel metal means that its hearty
and durable. Tarnish free means its stays shiny. Shown here 
are two bold statement necklaces, The Serena necklace and the
Chrissie necklace. They show that you CAN wear two statement 
necklaces together. Peaking out up top are the Bella earrings.
They are simple, complimentarty and don't try to steel the 
necklace show!

Browse the Serena necklace here

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Modern jewelry with a cool vibe

modern silver & black jewelry set on wood
Modern jewelry that is cool with blue jeans, sleek when 
dressed up and smart with work attire.  Say hello to my Ella necklace,
Ella bracelet, and of course, Ella earrings. Need something new for your
little black dress? Here ya go. Enjoy something new to your
business suits or outfits. Im all about blue jeans and yes indeed these
go with all your denim pants, skirts, dresses and jackets!

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