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The power of words in book and word jewelry!

word bracelet on book

Words are everything. Words teach us how to communicate.
And word jewelry like this bracelet is an expression of love. 
it has the italian word for love 'amore' stamped along the edge 
of the heart. If the heart wasn't enough then the stamped word
gets the point across. And if you devour books about how to 
live your best life then this book by Michael Singer won't disappoint.
I would even go as far as saying that its life changing. Seriously.

The Amore bracelet will always be available on my site. I have sold
so many if these that they are here to stay. Words matter and 
love feels good.

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When feminine style meets an earthy necklace


earthy heart necklace on feminine top

When feminine style meets earthy it really works.
Here is proof that opposites do attract. Expecting the unexpected
makes life a lot more interesting. This sheer pink blouse is
silky smooth and quite feminine in both color and design.

So instead of delicate little necklace that would
most likely blend right in and go unnoticed you
can choose to go opposite. My earthy Feel the Love
necklace is rugged with mixed elements. The dog tag includes
an original heart design by yours truly. So if you need an idea
on how to mix earthy and feminine here is a great example.

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Add some love to your day with a chunky heart bracelet