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When feminine style meets an earthy necklace


earthy heart necklace on feminine top

When feminine style meets earthy it really works.
Here is proof that opposites do attract. Expecting the unexpected
makes life a lot more interesting. This sheer pink blouse is
silky smooth and quite feminine in both color and design.

So instead of delicate little necklace that would
most likely blend right in and go unnoticed you
can choose to go opposite. My earthy Feel the Love
necklace is rugged with mixed elements. The dog tag includes
an original heart design by yours truly. So if you need an idea
on how to mix earthy and feminine here is a great example.

Browse my Feel the Love necklace here for more details

Feeling the love with friendship and jewelry

gals wearing lots of jewelry

Good conversation, lots of laughter, and piles of gorgeous jewelry has one feeling all the love. You know
how much different you feel when you have a coordinated outfit on, your hair nicely brushed and a pretty
necklace or two when meeting up with friends.

It would feel completely different if you had on sweatpants, a mismatched top, and a baseball cap.
That outfit is perfectly fine for lounging around. But when going out for the day it just feels better when
you are put together.  You can opt for a fun pile of jewelry (on the right) or maybe just one necklace
will complete your outfit. On the left my is my Feel the Love heart necklace. It is a very casual
statement necklace that can be worn day or night.


Browse my Feel the Love heart necklace here.

An extra long unique heart necklace

long leather chain mixed metal heart necklace

This ready-to-wear necklace became a cutom necklace! My client loved this necklace but wanted
it to be longer. When her birthday rolled around her boyfriend contacted me to see what we could do.

 Normally my Feel the Love necklace measures 18" long. I needed to make it 26" long but
also not distract from the design. I ended up hammering bars of bronze and used additional chain
on each side.  It all looked meant to be!


Show your love with a chunky chain , mixed metal heart necklace

heart necklace on dark haired model outside

    Wear your live with this unique mixed metal, chunky chain, leather heart necklace.

     You can make it more personal by having your own message stamped on backide of heart.
      This touchstone necklace is meant to keep you feeling the love all day love.

     For more details on leather color options and heart necklace measurements,  shop here