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Wear a gold heart necklace to remember what's most important

wearing gold textured heart necklace on earthy striped top

Living from love is what its all about. This gold heart necklace is a daily
reminder for living like you mean it. Rain or shine, in any season, 
love triumphs all things. Handcrafted by me, means that no two are
alike. Theyare all a little unique just as we are! This piece is meant for 
YOU or to be gifted with a whole lotta love! 

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Spread some love with a shiny gold heart necklace

wearing pink and a gold heart necklace
Spreading love, laughter and goodness is what its all about. My 
Big Little Heart necklace in gold shines and shines and shines.
Nobody will be left out of this love fest when this heart is
around your neck. It shines so bright that it lights the path
ahead of you! I just came from Trader Joes and got compliments
right and left. I forgot I had it on so that made it extra special.
Kind of like unexpectedly making people smile:) 
Are you ready to spread some love?! 

Browse the Big Little Heart necklace in gold

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