Learn how this gemstone bracelet that brings bliss to your day.

gemstone essential oil bracelet on rck

The Bliss bracelet is most certainly not JUST about being pretty!
It is loaded with meaningful, healing energy stones with room 
for some drops of essential oil. Image that! This custom
bracelet was made for someone who has been struggling 
with feelings of anxiety and depression. I know all about
those difficult feelings. I began researching the stones that 
looked and felt the most like my client. Because there are
multiple stones that can be used for emotions.
After a lot of research I was excited to use the blue-teal 
agate, rose quartz, yellow citrine and lavendar amethyst.
the white beads are made from wood. Wood beads are 
fantastic for adding drops of your favorite soothing, calming
essential oils. 

Browse the Bliss bracelet here.

(While this was a custom piece, I'm happy to make another for you!)

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