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Yes, you can mix your jewelry styles

wearing a silver cross necklace & gold locket

Mixing jewelry brands and styles keeps things more interesting.
My Livin' on a Prayer necklace paired with a shiny gold locket are very
different but look so good together. My Customer sent this pic of how she
styled her necklace and hands down, I approve! The gold locket has more
of a formal dressy feel. But when worn with the artsy cross are a
darling "couple".

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Long hip cool cross necklace

long silver cross necklace on wood

The Livin' on a Prayer necklace is an all around fun cool
piece of jewlery. Long, hip and attention getting with blue jeans,
or worn with anything black. But don't stop there because
whatever feels cool to you will be just right. Maybe for you
thats a long hot pink dress. Or flowy top with leggings. 
Basically whatever floats your boat. You are you and you are coolio.
This necklace has the option a turquoise dangle bead.
You get to choose that option!

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