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A necklace for lovers of hearts and artisan style

silver artisan asymmetrical heart necklace

Maryann is a heart fanatic and has a huge appreciation for
anything made by hand. This heart necklace was designed upon her
request. She buys and gives hearts to everyone.
And I couldnt be happier to have the opportunity to create
a custom piece. That allows me to design freely and give you
exactly what you want. 
Artisan jewelry means a few things generally. Artisan jewlery is not
machine made. Anything made by hand has so much soul
and attention to detail. Each soldered piece of metal,
hand formed bars, carefully chosen
birthstones, and asymmetrical design in this necklace
makes it unique and oh so special. 

Browse this necklace here for more details.

Solid color hat, scarf & a necklace

silver necklace blue hat & scarf

Going out? Want to stay warm? Don't like figuring out if things
go together? I've got you! Keep it all solid colors. Its easy and very smart
looking. My solid silver necklace works with all the solid colors!
Use as many as you want. If you were wearing this blue hat and mustard yellow
scarf you could also wear a solid black top and solid blue pants. You will be color 
blocked from head to toe. 


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