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Decorate your feet with Summer ankle bracelets

wearing anklets & sandals in the grass

Pretty up those bare legs with anklets! I usually forget im wearing one. Whether you opt for sparkle
or chain anklets they all add a lot of personality to your shorts, dresses, skirts and swimsuits.
Everytime you look down you get to enjoy seeing your decorated foot (or feet!)

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Absolutely you can wear ankle bracelets on both feet!

2 feet in ocean with ankle bracelets on each

Truthfully this was a happy accident.

While doing a photo shoot it was easier to have ankle bracelets on both feet. That was just
to be speed up the process. But after seeing how cute they look...hell yes wear them on  both feet!

So cute with a long skirt and Summer sandals, capri pants, sundresses, and skinny jeans too.

Anklets are crafted with crystals, charms and made in-the-USA stainless steal chain.
These materials are hypoallergenic, rust and tarnish proof. So yes, you can get them wet!

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A stack of ankle bracelets to sparkle your sandy feet

Sparkling hypoallergenic stack of anklet bracelets

Who says you have to wear just 1 ankle bracelet?! When you can't decide I say stack these
babies and feel like queen of the beach!

Besides being pretty these made in-the-USA anklets are hypoallergenic, rust proof and
tarnish proof.

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