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Decorate your feet with Summer ankle bracelets

wearing anklets & sandals in the grass

Pretty up those bare legs with anklets! I usually forget im wearing one. Whether you opt for sparkle
or chain anklets they all add a lot of personality to your shorts, dresses, skirts and swimsuits.
Everytime you look down you get to enjoy seeing your decorated foot (or feet!)

For more details click on my Silver Chain Tag anklet or my Aqua Crystal Chain anklet

At the beach with sandy toes and sparkly ankle bracelets

bare feet in the sand with anklets

After a long while of beach closures here in Southern California due to the pandemic, I was thrilled when
they re-opened! Of course restrictions are in place and I'm very happy glad for that too. But today
I got to walk the shore for some refreshing excercise. Feeling the warm soft sand on my feet while
the waves were crashing was a slice of heaven.

Naturally my ankles deserved to celebrate feeling the water and sand so I dressed them up with 
several anklets because why not?! The best part about these anklets is that the water DOES NOT
hurt them! Yes you heard that right. These anklets feature made in-the-USA stainles steel
chain. Meaning they won't rust or tarnish and are hypoallergenic. 

And you also get a little sneak peek of a new anklet design that hasn't yet been released!

If you want to see these anklets and all of my other designs shop here!