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Decorate your feet with Summer ankle bracelets

wearing anklets & sandals in the grass

Pretty up those bare legs with anklets! I usually forget im wearing one. Whether you opt for sparkle
or chain anklets they all add a lot of personality to your shorts, dresses, skirts and swimsuits.
Everytime you look down you get to enjoy seeing your decorated foot (or feet!)

For more details click on my Silver Chain Tag anklet or my Aqua Crystal Chain anklet

Bare legs call for an anklet stack

crossed legs in grass with anklets

When its Summer and your legs are exposed and feeling naked - dress them in an anklet or two!
Why should our wrists, neck and fingers have all the fun?

The anklets shown here are also OK to swim in. Yes, you heard that right! Crafted in stainless steel
and glass crystals they are water ready. That means the hot tub, lake, ocean or swimming pool.

Shown here is my Blue Crystal Anklet and Tag Along Anklet  

Find an anklet that speaks to you:)