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A Necklace for Summer Lovin'

textured gold heart chain necklace on model with striped top
Bring on the Summer lovin with my Big Little Heart necklace in 
gold or silver. Its the perfect little heart accent to all youor lightweight
tops, dresses and jumpsuits. It a sweet delicate statement necklace that 
can be worn all by itself. No layers are necessary.

Want one?
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Mid mod print design and a heart necklace

gold heart necklace with blue graphic print
I love this modern blue print that my friend Alison makes. Her business is called
Prints and Press and her designs are used on pillows, placemats, lampshades and cheerful
framed wall art. I love all of her fun uplifting designs no matter what they are used on. 
This print was part of give-away/donation project. I chose a design and then in turn
donated money to the charity of my choice. I love this idea! I also love my
big little heart necklace. Im thinking ab out her giveaway project and now
want to maybe do that too..

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Love with all your heart [ and a necklace]

gold textured heart necklace on cream burlap

The month of love is quickly approaching. However I believe that every month should be the month of
love.  Our hearts feel it all -heart pounding, bursting exhilerating excitement. My Big Little Heart necklace
is great way to send this message of love. Wear it for yourself becuase you deserve it. Or gift this
necklace to send out some love!

Browse my Big Little Heart Necklace here

Behind the scenes with riveted metal heart jewelry

riveted heart necklaces in process

Sometimes my work space requires the fresh air outside. During this stage where my hearts are made
I used a sealant that needed to dry - on both sides. And how bout that "jewerly clothsline" of mine?!
I love it and my husband made it for me, being the clever guy that he is. Hanging on the line now are
actually several of my heart necklaces. Big and riveted, small and dainty and open hearts too.

To see these necklaces complete click on
Fierce Love necklace , Big Little Heart Necklace, Strong Love Necklace. and Queen of Hearts Necklace

Black Summer top that shows off a heart necklace

black strap top with gold heart necklace

Summer tops are great for showing off jewelry. Especially a black strappy top.
This artisan heart necklace isn't covered up by anything. It takes center stage for the whole world to see!

Do you need a heart necklace for your Summer tops?!

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Heart art with a glass ornament and a necklace

heart necklace and heart ornament

For the love of hearts! Collecting hearts of all kinds is not uncommon. Hearts represent love.
And I think we are seeking more love in our lives and in the world. Wearing and exhibiting hearts
is just another way of spreading and celebrating the joy of love!

My Big Little Heart necklace is the cutest little thing to wear and share.
And how bout that teal handblown glass heart ornament? Cute as can be!  It's ready
for hanging or could also be strung with multiple hearts as a garland.