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Golden hammered hoops looking pretty in the garden

flowers and gold hoop earrings

Everything looks prettier in the garden! Hanging lights, rustic benches and even gold hoop earrings!
Something about the light and colors just make everyhting come to life.

And if you aren't hanging out in gardens, no worries. These pretty hoops always
catch the light. That hammer texture finish adds to the shine. 

So if you need a little boost of pretty and rays of light these might just be for you!

These earrings come in 3 sizes. Click here for more details.

Treat Yo self like Hillary did with gold hammered hoop earrings

wearing her new gold hoop earrings

How often do you treat yourself? Its a form of self care you know. Hillary had an upcoming
birthday and apparently noticed the hammered gold hoop earrings I was wearing. Right then and
there she decided to treat herself!

She knew I was a jewelry designer and asked if I had made the hoops. I told her yes and she said
can I buy them off of you - right now! 

showing off her new gold hoop earrings

So from ears to hers they went. She looks so dang cute too. Simple gold hoops are still
going strong! I make them in 3 sizes. If gold isn't for you I also have available in hammered
sterling silver.

Get the details here for gold hoops or silver hoops