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Long Strong Over-sized Cross necklaces for everyday

a row of cool cross necklaces on wood 

Every day, casual cool, artisan cross necklaces to get you through the day. These are fun
to wear with tee shirts and shorts, all black, jeans and boots, long flowy skirts or Summer
dresses! Now thats some kind of versatile:)

I handcut and stamp each cross. So yours will always be unique. You get to choose from silver,
brass or bronze. 

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How to make a statement with a super big cross necklace

long silver Big cross statement necklace on red wood

Say hello to my new and coming soon - "Preaching to the Choir" necklace! Have some fun and express
yourself with this super long and super big silver cross necklace! Just slip it over your head and
your statement is made. Or double it up for a shorter statement necklace.

Wear this with blue jeans and you won't be sorry. Wear this with your little black dress and you won't be sorry!

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