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Dress up a striped shirt with a cool flower necklace

wearing striped shirt and flower necklace

Stripes and striped shirts get my attention! You can make Your
strpied shirts a whole lot more interesting by adding jewelry
to give your outfit more personality. YOUR personality!
My long Flower Queen necklace brings an element of casual cool
to this look. Sure you can wear this shirt
without any jewelry but it would be a lot more forgettable.
And who wants to be forgettable? 

Peaking out is a custom coin necklace which adds a splash
of cheery color. Even thought this is custom there are plenty to choose
from in my Wanderlust Coin Collection.


Browse my Flower Queen necklace here for more details

When you can't decide on a necklace wear them ALL!!



wearing many layers of mixed metal jewelry

          My sister Anne is wearing all the necklaces here! She knows how to
          style it up. Doesn't matter if she running to the grocery store,
          a meeting or visting a friend - she is like walking art! I love her style
          and of course seeing her dripping in my jewelry makes my tail wag.

          Here she is layered in my Flower Queen necklace, Strong Love necklace,
          Feel the Love necklace and a pair of custom earrings.

          Feel free to browse my Necklace Collection here