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Find your Zen with a favorite necklace

chunky necklace hanging on Budha

Finding your zen about you taking a moment to really consider
how you feel. Good or bad whatever the truth is. Close your eyes.
Get quiet. Ask for help if needed. Breathe. Keep on taking
intentional inhales with longer exhales. Take as long as you need to feel
a change in yourself. It might be 3 minutes or 10 minutes or 
even longer. Do something that nourishes YOU.

Im nourished by a varity of things. My Big ORing necklace is
one of them.But being a jewelry designer I make
a lot of pieces with meaningul intentions or just happy colors.
These intentions and designs are like little reminders through out the day.
This big hunk of necklace leaves me feeling boldly empowered.
almost like a recharged battery! So naturally I took it off and hung it 
on this sweet Budha statue so it could absorb all good Zen energy as well.



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This statement necklace works with busy patterned clothing!

heavy silver chain statement necklace being worn

Go big or go home with my big Oring necklace! She balances 
out any busy patterned tops or outfits. This necklace won't get lost
in the noise. Of ocurse it looks just as good and very smart
with solid colors but she doesn't disappoint when you are 
looking for a big dramatic statement. Wear with blue jeans or 
your favorite black outfit or ALL the busiest tops in your closet!

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A Grandma who know how to style herself with my big chain statement necklace

Wearing a big chain statement necklace

Who says Grandma's can't be stylish? Just because you are a Grandma
doesn't mean you are destined for frumpy moo-moo's, no lipstick or
cool necklace. Right?!
Of course we all want to be comfortable at any age. But you still can
be comfortable and stylish no matter what. Maybe you are a
creative Grandma who likes to take her Grandkids to museum. Maybe
Grandma's sense of style will always be an influence to her offspring. This
Grandma takes very good care of herself in every way. Includihow she
wants to look and feel everyday. She looks marvelous in my
Big ORing neckace. As a matter of fact I want her entire outfit!! 


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A big necklace for a big sweater

heavy silver chain gold ring necklace with thick sweater

This thick sweater and my Big ORing necklace play so well
together. Of course you don't have to wear a necklace but it would be a 
little on the plain-Jane side. By adding a statement necklace your sweater
and enitire outfit feel more polished and intentional. Kind of like having
a throw pillow on your bed! What I also love about this necklace is 
that the length is adjustable. And that gives YOU lots of
wearable options:)

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Cozy sweater with a statement necklace

female wearing chunky metal statement necklace at restaaurant
Big sweaters are so cozy.  Alice added my big chunky ORing necklace
to her sweater for a lunch date on the pier. Staying cozy and going out can be
as easy as applying some lipstick, pop on my necklace with your favotite 
sweater. Details make all the difference. Imagine a house with
no picures hanging on any wall? Those details baby!

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