Find your Zen with a favorite necklace

chunky necklace hanging on Budha

Finding your zen about you taking a moment to really consider
how you feel. Good or bad whatever the truth is. Close your eyes.
Get quiet. Ask for help if needed. Breathe. Keep on taking
intentional inhales with longer exhales. Take as long as you need to feel
a change in yourself. It might be 3 minutes or 10 minutes or 
even longer. Do something that nourishes YOU.

Im nourished by a varity of things. My Big ORing necklace is
one of them.But being a jewelry designer I make
a lot of pieces with meaningul intentions or just happy colors.
These intentions and designs are like little reminders through out the day.
This big hunk of necklace leaves me feeling boldly empowered.
almost like a recharged battery! So naturally I took it off and hung it 
on this sweet Budha statue so it could absorb all good Zen energy as well.



Browse my Big ORing necklace here for more details.

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