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Lovely peacock pearls with a green boho dress.



Pearl necklaces can be fun, not just formal. And speaking of
fun, enjoy your pearl necklaces with a bohemian dress or top. Again, 
please don't save them for oh so special ocassions. Live life now, I say!
Find your happy and dress the same way.

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A necklace full of Junes birthstones with an old coin


peacock blue pearl necklace on rock

Birthstones make great jewelry gifts. Your birthstone represents YOU!
And the birhtstone for the month of June are pearls. How lucky are the 
June borns?! Shown here is a long blue/gray/purplish pearl necklace.
Often these are called peacock pearls because of those color blends.
This necklace also feature an old beautifully detailed coin. Imagine
recieving a long birthstone pearl necklace that includes a coin that
celebrates your familu heritage?! EXTRA special!!

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If you want a specific coin and pearl color, please don't hesitate to ask.
I've got loads of old coins and pearls!