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A necklace that goes from casual cool to elegant

silver gold hammered stick necklace w/blue scarf

Having one necklace that can easily go from casual cool to 
elegant evening apparel is - beautifully practical. And that's my kind
of necklace. An easy vacation necklace if you want to travel light in
the jewelry department. Wear it with shorts and a tee shirt
during the day. Or slip it on your little black dress in the evening.
Silver and gold mixed metals are stunning.
Silver and gold easily mixes with ALL of your jewlery!

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Elevate your flannel shirt with a silver & gold necklace

silver gold necklace red flannel shirt
Flannnel shirts are soft comfy ad cozy during rhe Fall and
Winter months. Make it a red flannel and you've got some Holiday
spirit happening. Uplevel your flannel and wear it to a party
by adding a hammered, casual cool, sparkly Silver & Gold necklace.
Expect the unexpected I say. Own the room and dazzle with
your favorite blue jeans, a cozy flannel and a super sparkly 
necklace that says Im comfortable with what Im wearing.
So don't be jealous!

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