Remembering a loved one with a blue kyanite necklace

Wearing a blue gemstone gold chain necklace
My dear customer Cameron was given some gorgeous raw kyanite
gemstones. The significance of the stones are very special to her.
they were passed down from a loved one who passed away. I was
thrilled to make her a keepsake necklace with these very
unique stones.

The necklace was kept very simple. All the attention can be 
focused on those meaningful kyanite stones.

Blue Kyanire is known as a stone of channeling, altered
states, vivid dreams, dream recall, and visualizations.
It gives protection during these states. It brings loyalty,
honesty and tranquility and diminishes anger and confusion.
How about having all of that wrapped around your neck?!


If you have your own special keepsake stones I'd love
to create something unique just for you.


See more details about this necklace here.

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