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On the go unisex bracelets

unisex beaded bracelets at the beach

When you are on the go slip on a bracelet to optimize 
the adventure! Roll these onto your wrist and head on out the door.
One of the bracelets has interesting beads sand cast in Africa. The
other bracelet with grays and copper beads is a great companion. 
You can always wear way more than two! Get multiples of each or add
to your current favorites. 

Wear to the beach, out running errands or to work. Wear on
your next evening out to express your stylin self.

Browse my Unisex/Men's jewelry here.

Browse my Out of Africa bracelet here

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Casual cool bracelet stack for men

male wearing neutral beaded bracelet stack

Colorful African beads are blended with neutral gray beads and they do a really good job
of complimenting each other! Adding some detail to your wrist spruces up jeans and a casual shirt.

And yes they are comfy and easy to wear. Made on double stretch cord you just roll these bracelets
directly over your hand and onto your wrist. No fussy clasps to deal with!

Both of these bracelets can be used with essential oils.
To learn more that and the bracelet details click below.

Shop the  Out of Africa bracelet (more color)


Shop the Balance bracelet (gray & copper)


Handsome beaded bracelets make great gifts for men

2 men's beaded bracelets with jewelry bags

Looking for an easy way to style your man? Gift him some cool masculine bracelets!
This simple addition levels up the most basic tee shirt. 

The bracelet's shown here were purchased and gifted as a birthday present
for a husband. Both can also be worn together.

Another benefit is that these bracelets can be used with essential oils. Oils can do everything
from keeping mosquitos at bay and to helping re;ieve with allergy symptoms. Just a drop
a or two of your favorite oil is added to the black lava or brown wood beads.
Gently run in. Reapply as needed.

Shown here are my Go Strong (all black) and Into the Woods (black & brown).