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On the go unisex bracelets

unisex beaded bracelets at the beach

When you are on the go slip on a bracelet to optimize 
the adventure! Roll these onto your wrist and head on out the door.
One of the bracelets has interesting beads sand cast in Africa. The
other bracelet with grays and copper beads is a great companion. 
You can always wear way more than two! Get multiples of each or add
to your current favorites. 

Wear to the beach, out running errands or to work. Wear on
your next evening out to express your stylin self.

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Customize a riveted metal dog tag necklace for a unique gift

mixed metal dog tag necklace on stone & denim
Dog tag necklaces continue to be a favorite piece of jewelry worn by all. They originated from war times.
They were used as military ID tag's to record soldiers identification. As time has passed these pieces
became very desirable to wear by everyone not just for the soldiers. With a modern masculine feel my
spin on these unisex necklaces is with riveted metal which makes it a stand alone piece.
Or there is another option.

Just as in the military uses the tags for important info - I can add the important info of your choosing
on the tag. So if you if need a unique gift for a certain someone being able to customize a wearable
gift will remind them of you everytime its put on. 

Camping mugs and a Follow Your Path bracelet are adventure essentials

Leather multi wrap bracelet on camping mugs

Fall weather is approaching which always sounds like best to time to go out adventuring. Daytrips
and hikes are always good. When life allows an overnight even better. But don't get caught without
your camping mugs. Steaming hot coffee in the morning is an essential! 

Unwinding outdoors and letting go is good way to recharge. Its one of my favorites. My Follow Your Path
bracelet is perfect camping jewelry! You can even sleep in it. This is inspiration for clearing your mind
of worries, self doubt and listening to your heart. Your true self. Another essential.


Learn more bracelet details here


Take your aromatherapy bracelets for a drive

wearing aromatherapy bracelets on arm in car
You can drop your favorite essential oils onto the porous lava beads. Gently rub in and those scents
will go everywhere you go. In the car for a drive, out on a walk, to work or an evening out. 

Not feeling in the mood to use a scent? No worries. Just wear your bracelet/s as is and enjoy the stones.
This stack of two bracelets was made for Keith but I can make custom bracelets for anyone.

Or you can shop my ready to wear jewelry in my Essential Oil Collection or Men's Collection here.

Wrapped in a leather bracelet while taking a quiet moment

wearing a long leather wrap bracelet by the fire

Quiet moments are necessary for each and everyone one of us. It's like recharging your batteries.
And I say take that moment anytime an opportunity presents itself. We need that time to pause
and reflect.

So when I found myself alone by the outside fire pit I siezed the moment. Wouldn't you know it, I 
happened to be wearing my Follow Your Path bracelet. The intention behind this piece is about living
life on your terms. Every now and again it's good to stop and see how that path is looking. Are you
staying on your own path, even when others think you should be on a different path?

I encourage you to take some quiet moments for yourself. think about your path and where you might
like to go. If you need a reminder you can shop my Follow Your Path bracelet here for more details

The smoothest leather necklace for men

brown leather necklace on neck and white shirt

A simple, smooth, comfortable leather necklace with black hex nuts, for men who aren't afraid
to express a creative aesthetic. 

You can't go wrong with this easy to wear piece!

For more details, shop the Men's Leather hex necklace