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Stepping out with blue gemstone bracelet for him

wearing men's gemstone bracelet on wrist with coat

Yes men get to wear jewelry too. Whether its sentimental, for the love of meaningful gemstones or 
sometimes its just about having some style in your everyday life. This guy here really appreciates
the gemstones for their beauty and meaning. He wanted lots of blues and some tan brown in his new
bracelet and I love how it looks on him.




men's blue beaded bracelet with hand on knee
Men's jewelry can be casual for blue jeans and adventures or dressed up for date night or
whatever special ocassions come his way. This bracelet was a custom design that can easily be
recreated. Or you can browse all my men's ready to wear jewelry here. Gift your man some cool jewels!

Wearing a custom hammered birthday cuff for him

copper cuff on male with tatooed leg

Buy your guy a hammered cuff and personalize the inner band with-

ANYTHING YOU WANT! There is room for initials, a long sentence, phrase, nickname or 
inside joke. 

To see more jewelry for men shop here

The smoothest leather necklace for men

brown leather necklace on neck and white shirt

A simple, smooth, comfortable leather necklace with black hex nuts, for men who aren't afraid
to express a creative aesthetic. 

You can't go wrong with this easy to wear piece!

For more details, shop the Men's Leather hex necklace