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Old coin jewelry adds a unique touch to your style

wearing gold coin jewelry and green jacket

Old coins are cool and so are necklaces made with them! These coins are
are of historical significance. You can touch them all of over, they aren't
fragile. Some of them are unique an no longer being mades. 
Beautiful art designs can be found. Wear this coin necklace and its
a great conversation starter.
And if you really want to make it a really special necklace, you can request
specific coins that mean something to you. Just ask and if I have it will be yours!

Browse my Coin Cluster Necklace here for more details

Comfortable clothes with a fun necklace


coin necklace in mannequin with blue dress

Comfort is key in both clothes and style. At least it is for me! But
just because you want to be in soft comfortable clothes doesn't 
mean that you can't accesorize. My triple coin cluster necklace adds
just the right accent to this adorable dress. With big pockets you and 
soft fabric this dress slips right over your head. You can get one from
Clay and Cotton. It exudes serious comfort!

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here

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Feeling well traveled with a coin cluster necklace!

outside wearing a coin cluster necklace

After being homebound for what felt like a very long time, I slipped 
on my coin cluster necklace. Its like a trip around the world. Kinda sorta!
These old coins are fabulous. You are wearing art history! My cluster
necklace is all in gold. Being one metal color makes
this very easy to wear with busy patterns like my top
and sweater. My ears didn't want to be left out of the party
so I popped in my Circle Dance earrings play very well with this necklace.
So feel free to copy this look!

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here

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My garden is blooming with coin jewelry (I wish!)

coin necklace in hand in the garden

While I love plants, flowers and tree's of all kinds - I wouldn't be mad if coin necklaces just started
popping up too. So the next best thing is to photograph my pieces amoung all the flora and fauna. 
Natures beauty seems to compliment everything.

My garden necklace for today is this Coin Cluster necklace. This includes 3 old coins from around the world.
Rich in culture, history and artistic design. I have soins from everywhere. Shoot me an email if you are
looking for a particular location.

You can find more details here for my Coin Cluster necklace

or see the entire Wanderlust Coin Collection here.