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Soothing essential oil bracelets

earthy gemstone aromatherapy bracelets

Essential oils and essential oil bracelets can keep the soothing going all day! By wearing a bracelet
(or two) you can take your oils with you. Choose the oil that speaks to your needs. There are oild for 
just about anything from mosquito bites, headaches and anxiety. Aromatherapy uses the power of
scent to cal braceletsm the mind and reduce anxiety. Im showing a Clary sage oil with my
Home on the Range bracelets. Clary sage  is one of my favorites oils because of its anti-depressant and 
anti-stress effects. 

Browse my Home on the Range bracelets (shown here)

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Earthy Artisan bracelet stack for your blue jeans

colorful gemstone stack on arm'
Blue jean style calls for cool down to earth jewelry. The more eclectic the better. Like the stack Im showing
here includes an aromatherapy bracelet and my Moonglow double stand bracelet (the moon is hiding
underneath in this photo!) They all compliment each other as well as your blue jeans. That is a
must for me. This stack is extra good because its really just two bracelets doing all that showing off!

Moonglow Bracelet

Serenity Now Aromatherapy Bracelet

On the go with aromatherapy bracelets

wearing gemstone aromatherapy bracelets outside
Aromatherapy bracelets are just like regular bracelets except they require some type of porous bead.
Lava and wood beads are porous and commonly used in this type of bracelet. The porous beads are
necessary because that what the oils drops go on. Those beads will absorb the oil when gently
rubbed in.

I'm wearing my Serenity Now bracelets stacked together becuase two is better than one! So when you're
out and about, or on the go you can keep those scents with you throughout the day just by wearing
your bracelet. There are oils for just about everything these days. This is self care keeping you company.

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Why is an aromatherapy bracelet a great gift for someone in the hospital?

blue green aromatherapy bracelet on stone

I first discovered this idea from a hospice nurse who purchased aromatherapy bracelets from
me when I first started designing them. She said that the medicinal smells and stuffy air don't always
smell so good. She bought them to give to her patients. The sweetest thing ever!

Flowers of course are beautiful and smell good. But chances are they are sitting across the room
not close enough to stick your nose in! Bracelets are convenient to enjoy these healing scents.
Whether the bracelet is worn or just held duringa hospital stay it can be quite aromatic and uplifting.

Aromatherapy offers soothing plant based oils that are then dripped onto wood or lava beads
to be absorbed. There are oils for nausea, headaches, appetite etc.

This bracelet was custom made for a special patient. But I have an Aromatherapy jewelry collection 
that you can browse here.