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Casual cute bracelet & earrings

green bracelet and earrings on white trunk

This casual cute bracelet and earrings are for lovers of pearls, aromatherapy jewelry and
the color green. Thats a lot of favorites to enjoy and wear. And these colors also look good
on a variety of skin tones.
Earrings swinging from your ears are just fun body decorations. Like having ornaments on
your tree! This earthy gemstone bracelet is also an aromatherapy bracelet. Those brown wood beads
are porous and able to absorb your favorite essential oil. Just a drop or two goes on the wooden
beads and are gently rubbed in. You can enjoy your scent all day. Just apply more as needed.

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Soothing essential oil bracelets

earthy gemstone aromatherapy bracelets

Essential oils and essential oil bracelets can keep the soothing going all day! By wearing a bracelet
(or two) you can take your oils with you. Choose the oil that speaks to your needs. There are oild for 
just about anything from mosquito bites, headaches and anxiety. Aromatherapy uses the power of
scent to cal braceletsm the mind and reduce anxiety. Im showing a Clary sage oil with my
Home on the Range bracelets. Clary sage  is one of my favorites oils because of its anti-depressant and 
anti-stress effects. 

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Easy outside self care with nature and an aromaptherapy bracelet stack

aromatherapy bracelets on wrist in the grass

Sensory percepetion is about “the senses” like hearing, vision, taste, smell, and touch.
Not only do we learn more about the environment around us but our insides as well.

For example if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Try relaxing outside at a park
or in your own yard. Let yourself get comfortable and notice the beauty in your surroundings.
Whether that's the sky, trees or the green grass. Listen to the singing birds, touch and smell some
flowers and see how you begin to feel.

I headed out the door and sat at the Park for a change of scenery. I brought a bottle of 
cold refreshing water and wore my aromatherapy bracelets to add to the self care.

I love choosing a different scent each time I wear them! They are perfect for
smelling, touch and feeling on your wrist. 

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Self care the easy way with a good book & an aromatherapy bracelet

holding a book & wearing an earthy bracelet

If you love to read like I do then by all means please make time for yourself to enjoy
this pleasure. It used to be a guilty pleasure for me because I never felt like there was
enough extra time.

Even if you are going non stop all day you can carve out 10 minutes before bedtime
take a moment for -YOU! I like to think of it as the ole put the oxygen mask on yourself
before your child so that you can be of better help. 

And while your at it slip on an aromatherapy bracelet add some fragrant oil. Of course lavendar
is always popular for relaxing but there are many to choose from.

I read this book years ago -LOVED it. I heard its coming to HBO at some point in the future.
Im looking forward to that! In the meantime, if you are a reader, you need this book! You can
buy it here.


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