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Casual cute bracelet & earrings

green bracelet and earrings on white trunk

This casual cute bracelet and earrings are for lovers of pearls, aromatherapy jewelry and
the color green. Thats a lot of favorites to enjoy and wear. And these colors also look good
on a variety of skin tones.
Earrings swinging from your ears are just fun body decorations. Like having ornaments on
your tree! This earthy gemstone bracelet is also an aromatherapy bracelet. Those brown wood beads
are porous and able to absorb your favorite essential oil. Just a drop or two goes on the wooden
beads and are gently rubbed in. You can enjoy your scent all day. Just apply more as needed.

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Earthy jewelry for earthy folks

metal flower necklace gemstone bracelet
Earthy things usually look, smell, or feel like the earth. In this case my Wild flower necklace is earthy
indeed. If you love Mother Nature and appreciate the great outdoors that you most likely appreciate
earthy jewelry. Besides my necklace iis an earthy essential oil gemstone bracelet. You can apply your |
favorite earthyscented oils to the porous brown wood beads and keep those scents with you all day long.
And keep your eye out for those wonderful own to earth people - they are open, honest, real and
a welcome pleasure. 

Wildflower Necklace

Home on the Range essential oil bracelet