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Copper jewelry blends well with Fall Fashion

three hammered copper cuffs on white wood

Copper metal with its brownish orange earth tones blends right in with all things Fall.  This set of three
cuff bracelets are warm and rich. Copper looks great with olive greens, mustard yellow sweaters,
chocolate brown jackets, anything black and always blue jeans and denim.
Copper jewerly feels like Mother Earth. 

Yes copper can react to humidity and in some people cause some greening on the skin. It washes right off
and is just part of the element of copper. also happens when females are on their period!

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Browsing books with a Mistura watch and bracelet stack

Mistura watch & bracelet on arm touching books

Watches have become part of bracelet stacks. They can blend right in and become part of that
fun statement on you wrist. Earthy and rugged watches or dainty and delicate they all
compliment each other. My new Mistura watch wanted to be in a stack at once!

Why not keep an eye on the time while you are browsing books and wearinging
some jewelry with benefits. Yep you heard that right -jewelry with benefits. The copper cuff has
antimicrobial benefits. Touch it often as it works like hand sanitizer.

Included in this stack is an essential oil diffuser bracelet. These bracelets are wonderful because you can add drops of your favorite or most useful oil. There are oils from everything from headaches to mosquito bites. Just a drop or two of oil is added to the brown wooden beads on this on bracelet. The scent can be reapplied as needed. This lets you take your oils everywhere you go!

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