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Copper jewelry blends well with Fall Fashion

three hammered copper cuffs on white wood

Copper metal with its brownish orange earth tones blends right in with all things Fall.  This set of three
cuff bracelets are warm and rich. Copper looks great with olive greens, mustard yellow sweaters,
chocolate brown jackets, anything black and always blue jeans and denim.
Copper jewerly feels like Mother Earth. 

Yes copper can react to humidity and in some people cause some greening on the skin. It washes right off
and is just part of the element of copper. also happens when females are on their period!

For more details about my bracelet stack click here.

Army green outfits were meant for riveted copper jewelry

wearing army green outfit and copper jewerly

Hello army green or olive green (they're basically the same.) This neutral color with delicious
warm undertones is so good. It Allows you to easily transition into Fall.

You can't go wrong pairing it with warm copper jewelry. They are opposites on the color wheel
and thats a good thing! They compliment each other. 

So grab your green and make a statement with casual long riveted copper heart necklace and armful
of cuffs with a cool ring to boot. They give you a playful little edge.

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Rived heart necklace

Copper cuff set

Gold wired copper cuff

Hammered copper wrap ring