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Bring the beach to you with an aromatherapy bracelet

at the beach wearing an essential bracelet

If you are lucky enough to live by a beach by all means you can soak up all the sounds and feels
that it brings. But if you don't live near a beach you can enjoy this "Vitamin Sea" essental oil blend and 
a drop or so to an essential oil bracelet like mine.

This blend uses rosemary, spearment, peppermint and lavendar. The best way to make a blend is to
combine these oils in small 2ml glass bottles. If you don't own any essential oils you can buy them
lots of places these days. Here is a essential set from Amazon to get you started.

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In the garden with aromatherapy jewelry and an elephant

aromatherapy bracelets on an elephant in garden

What do plants, elephants and aromatherapy bracelets have in common?
plants produce the healing scented oils that are used on these bracelets. Elephants are symbols
for good luck and protection.

My Serenity Now bracelets are about adding some balance to your life.
Allowing you to feeling protected when wearing a soothing oil. When I stepped into my friends
garden and saw her cute little elephant, I knew it was meant to be in this photo!


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California Sky with a Blue Sky Bracelet

blue brown bracelet on wrist against the sky

             This aromatherapy bracelet is reminder that while the  clouds will come and go 
             blue skies will come again. And this bracelet works double duty when you add a drop 
             or two of your favorite essential oils onto the black lava beads.



I see skies of blue and clouds of white

The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night

and I think to myself what a wonderul world.

Song by Louis Armstrong



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Warm jewelry for your Winter whites

earthy gemstone necklace worn with white sweater

Warm up those neutrals and Winter whites with my artsy, earthy gemstone jewelry. This necklace
includes stones of white, brown and turquoise. A handsome and beautiful contrast.



earthy gemstone aromatherapy bracelet stack on arm with white sweater

Don't forget about your arms! This stack of 3 bracelets are in the same colors & stones. You can wear 
1 or as many as you like. Plus - the wood beads are porous which means you can add drops of
your favorite essential oils. Just a drop or two will do! Gently rub in to absorb and enjoy.

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