A simple stylish essential oil diffuser necklace for every day!

wearing black round stone necklace with brown sweater

A necklace that is stylish, simple and can carry a fragrant
essential oil while you are wwearing. How great is that? There
is an oil or a blend of oils for everything these days. 

Imagine wearing this necklace and enjoying the extra
benefit of of choosing an oil that allows you to have a heavenly scent.
Or one that offers headache relief if you're feeling it.
And good ole Lavender essential oils bring a feeling of calming
and stress relief. 

Changing gears from essential oils, this necklace is so
good just as it is. So if you know nothing about essential oils,
that A-OK! Enjoy the bold black textured stone, and clean lines that
really will compliment so many things in your wardrobe. Everyone 
should have at least one black necklace!

Browse the Whole Lotta Lava necklace here for details


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