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Did you know that plant based can be used on this essential oil bracelet?!

black gold green essential oil bracelet on wrist

Yes! Yes, you can use plant based oils on this bold gemstone essential
oil bracelet. This bracelet serves you in two ways. For starters its a gorgeous
bracelet with lovely stones that can be worn alone or added in with
your favorite stack. 
The second way is to add of your favorite essential oils to those black lava
beads. Those beads are porous and will absorb a drop or two of oil.
You gently spread it around the bead. And let the goodness of those
oils do their job. Add drops of lavender oil to feel calm and soothed.
Add drops of pepperment and lemon to perk yourself up. The options
are endless! 

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Bold and beautiful aromatherapy bracelets


wearing a set of colorful aromatherapy bracelets

Do bold colors looks beautiful to you? Do strong
colors inspire and excite you? I think strong bold colors
add a lot of beauty to life. Whether its a bracelet stack, blooming
flowers or a crazy colorful mural painted on a building they all add
spark to your everyday routine.
My colorful Serenity Now bracelets are also aromatherapy bracelets.
When you apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil to those
black lava beads the scent will stay with you all through out the day.
Bringing a little extra serenity!

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Essential oil blends and a bracelet

gemstone aromatherapy bracelet and guide book
For the love of essential oils, blends and bracelets. There are just soooo many good
essential oils scents available. And the blends really allow for some powerful combinations.
I love the common and oh so popular lavender because of it soothing and calm benefits.

But when I wanted to try blending oils I found some some good "recipes" in the book
shown here. I found a great blend for headaches. This blend uses three oils. Lavender,
basil and peppermint! Add that to my Serenity Now aromatherapy bracelet and
you'll tackle that headache.

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