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A simple silver artisan made necklace

silver open circle chain necklace on green background

Do you love jewlery? Do you appreciate and value
handcrafted art on many forms? If you answered yes then
maybe my Karma Necklace (shown here) speaks to you!
This simple necklace is crafted by hand. The sterling silver
circle is formed by hand. Then soldered closed. Hammered
in places for interest and texture. This necklace will serve
you well because it goes with everything.
It can be all dressed up or worn with a flannel shirt
and blue jeans.

Browse the Karma necklace here for more details

Boost your outfit with this cool circle necklace

female wearing blue and silver circle necklace

Some outfits are stand alone. Some outfits require accessories.
This very pretty light blue dress looks like it was meant for
this necklace. This open silver circle is a feminine statement 
necklace. Yes, statement necklaces can be simple. 
Clean lines with style are always a smart choice. This necklace
can go from Farmers market to celebrating an evening out.

Browse the Karma Necklace here for more details