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Boost your outfit with this cool circle necklace

female wearing blue and silver circle necklace

Some outfits are stand alone. Some outfits require accessories.
This very pretty light blue dress looks like it was meant for
this necklace. This open silver circle is a feminine statement 
necklace. Yes, statement necklaces can be simple. 
Clean lines with style are always a smart choice. This necklace
can go from Farmers market to celebrating an evening out.

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Blending silver jewelry with warm and cool tones

wearing organic layered silver jewelry

   Yes of course you can wear warm and cool tones together. 
   They compliment each other (just like mixed metals do). So here
   is a great example. Edie is wearing cool tone silver circle necklace
   and a long silver chain necklace with cool grays tops. But she
   also has on that warm golden vest with a touch of orange. They are all
   opposites but they sure do make each look marvy. And peeking out 
   from here ears are my sterling stick earrings.

  Edie looks chic and sophisticared in this combination of jewelry
  with both warm and cool tones blended together.
  It fun to see how others style my jewelry. So Im sharing this idea with you!


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Here we go round in circles and jewelry

silver circle necklace with rustic ridged circles

Going around in circles can feel crazy unless its a fun
kind of circle, like my circle necklace. In fact its the exact
opposite of feeling out of control. Its about being
mindful. Being open and aware of the cycle of
cause and affect. What you give you receive. Which is
why I call this my Karma necklace. Even if there is a lot 
of crazy making in your world, this piece is for staying
true and living with peace inside of you. 

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