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Enjoying a bold statement necklace with a tee shirt

wearing thick silver curb chain brass ring necklace

Yes even your tee shirts deserve a big necklace every now and again.
Don't save everything for something special. Enjoy it while you can.
Enjoy it because this is it. All we have is the present moment. I say 
enjoy it wearing all of your most favorite everythings. You deserve to 
feel good, find joy and by all means express yourself!

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Statement making jewelry that you're going to want!

thick silver chain statement necklace and big silver disc earrings

                Having a statement necklace and pair of earrings
                that you can count on is essential in my book. Especially
                for that last minute funtion. That function that you now
                need to attend. When there is no time to shop for
                something new, having statement jewelry already
                in your pocession can be a real life savor. Pieces like
                my big ORing necklace and Silver Circle Dance earrings 
                can uplevel any outfit. You'll be ready to head out
                the door in no time! Perfectly polished.

                Browse my Big ORing necklace here for more details

                Browse my Silver Circle Dance earrings here for more details