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Complimentary necklace & earrings that look great


silver open circle necklace and open circle earrings

          Matching up jewelry with outfits can be challenging if
          you're one to second guess yourself. I've got this
          necklace and earring pairing all figured out,
          so you don't have too. Handcrafted in sterling silver, 
          these airy pieces are comfortable and statement making
          in a delicate way. The necklace and earring looks just
          as adorable with a flannel shirt and jeans as they would
          wearing your favorite black dress. Let me take the guess
          work out of getting ready!

          Browse my Karma necklace here

          Browse my silver Hoop Stick earrings here


Finding inner peace with a karma necklace



silver circle necklace hanging by Budha painting

Finding your serenity and peace is an "inside" job. I've learned that it 
can only come from yourself. No matter how crazy he world and circumstances are
surround you. 
My Karma necklace has a big silver circle for a reason. It represents the cycle of
cause and affect. Budha says finner peace is toachieve a mental state that
will free yourself  and allow a transcendent bliss and well being. May you feel and find
inner peace when wearing this simple circle necklace.

Browse my Karma necklace here