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How to wear stripe and circles with a necklace

wearing a big silver circle necklace

    Black and white, circles and stripes just go together, 
    like peanut butter and jelly. Here you've got my big
    circle Karma necklace sitting next too a lot of fun stripes.
    Worn with jeans and you've got a casual cool look. I think 
    this outft needs to be copied!

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Complimentary necklace & earrings that look great


silver open circle necklace and open circle earrings

          Matching up jewelry with outfits can be challenging if
          you're one to second guess yourself. I've got this
          necklace and earring pairing all figured out,
          so you don't have too. Handcrafted in sterling silver, 
          these airy pieces are comfortable and statement making
          in a delicate way. The necklace and earring looks just
          as adorable with a flannel shirt and jeans as they would
          wearing your favorite black dress. Let me take the guess
          work out of getting ready!

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Circle design with a scarf, necklace & earrings


circle earrings, necklace and scarf displayed

When you love circles then why not pair these circle earrings,
circle necklace and circle scarf design. They are fun, lively and
always in style! Circles reprent so many things.

 Circles are among the oldest of geometric symbols, and
commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. My necklace
represents the cycle of cause and effect. The earrings are
inspiration for dancing. The scarf? I can't resist a big 
polka-dot scarf. That just represents fun!

Browse my circular Karma Necklace here

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Dining out in cool jewelry

female wearing layered silver necklaces at dinner

Dining out, evenings out, plans with friends is a reason to wear
something fun. To feel good and enjoy yourself. Edie has
a great sense of style. I love how she pairs patterns, colors,
textures and of course jewelry. Here she has layered my big
open circle Karma necklace along with my long heavy chain with
silver circles placed throughout Chain Reaction necklace. Who knows
how you might react to things when wearing! HA!
I truly love the pairing of these two necklaces together. They offer a 
a smart balance of size, shape and overall form. 

So if you want to layer yourself in style for your next get together consider 
putting these two cool pieces of jewelry together!

Browse my Karma necklace here

Browse my Chain Reaction necklace here

Here we go round in circles with a necklace and earrings



silver circle necklace earrings on wood

I love a good circlular shape. Whether its a perfecrt circle or an
organic one they are good. Circles flow endlessly. They symbolize
oneness, wholeness and unity. So my big silver circle Karma necklace
has one great big circle that is a delicate statment piece that can be 
casually worn with a flanel shirt or your favorite little black dress.

Bit let's not forget about the earrings! My silver circle stick earrings
have the perfect balance for the necklace. They are modern
chic and stylish. With more circles surrounding you. I think they
make great playmates. What do you think?!

Browse my Karma Necklace here

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