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Yes you can wear jewelry with bulky sweaters!

model in sweater with necklace & earrings

Its that time of year when the sweaters start coming out to play.
And here is Alice wearing her great big ORing necklace.
Proof that you CAN wearing a necklace with a super
thick sweater. And she didn't stop there. She is also sporting
some long silver earrings. While big sweaters are cozy and
warm like your favorite blanket. But just by adding jewelry
this look is now ready for an evening out. Snuggly and sophisticated!!

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Complimentary necklace & earrings that look great


silver open circle necklace and open circle earrings

          Matching up jewelry with outfits can be challenging if
          you're one to second guess yourself. I've got this
          necklace and earring pairing all figured out,
          so you don't have too. Handcrafted in sterling silver, 
          these airy pieces are comfortable and statement making
          in a delicate way. The necklace and earring looks just
          as adorable with a flannel shirt and jeans as they would
          wearing your favorite black dress. Let me take the guess
          work out of getting ready!

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Love style with pink nail polish and red earrings

silver hoop stick earrings with pink nail polish on denim
Pink nail polish and my red coral hoop stick earrings are ready for dancing
around the love bush! As a jewelry designer my nails can take a beating. So it's a special
treat when I use polish. And if you're like me then you need those nails to DRY fast.
Sally Hansen Insta-dry polish is easy to use and it really does dry quickly. I have several colors
on hand at all times.

My earrings have a pop of red that will pick up any other red in your "love style" outfit!
And they always looks super cute with your blue jeans too.

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