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Showstopping large silver hammered disc earrings

large silver hammered disc earrings with a plant

My Circle Dance earrings were meant to be show stoppers, and they are!
These earrings can make a bad hair day look good. They are exceptionally
attention getting on both long hair and short hair gals. They were named
circle dance becuase they will seriously have you wanting to get up and move!
I kid you not. If you wear no other jewlery, these earrings speak volumes.

As always each pair are handcrafted. Cut out with a tiny jewelers say. Filed
and sanded. Heat fired to soften the metal for the hammer striking. Scubbed
clean. Put into a tumbler for further cleaning and polishing. Then beautifully
packaged for you and your ears!


Browse the Circle Dance earrings in Silver here

Browse the Circle Dance earrings in Brass here

Live vibrantly with these big statement earrings!

wearing big gold disc earrings with red wine

Vibrancy is the state of being full of life and energy. Cameron exudes thats
and so do her bold earrings. She wore these on her vacation to Croatia.
Enjoying all the food, wine, architecture and culture. These big golden
showy statement earrings are vibrant in rich color and swing with a lot 
of life and a lot of energy! 

Browse the Circle Dance earrings in brass here

Browse the Circle Dance earrings in silver here

Circle design with a scarf, necklace & earrings


circle earrings, necklace and scarf displayed

When you love circles then why not pair these circle earrings,
circle necklace and circle scarf design. They are fun, lively and
always in style! Circles reprent so many things.

 Circles are among the oldest of geometric symbols, and
commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. My necklace
represents the cycle of cause and effect. The earrings are
inspiration for dancing. The scarf? I can't resist a big 
polka-dot scarf. That just represents fun!

Browse my circular Karma Necklace here

Browse my Circle Dance earrings in silver here

Easy go-to statement earrings


big disc earrings being worn

Rain or shine, Winter or Summer having a pair of go-to
statement earrings can come in handy. By handy I mean you can grab 
quickly to pull an outfit together. All at once they can make your tee-shirt
and jeans look intentional. Or add a lot of puch and style to a plain dress.
Everyone should have a pair of statement earrings. They feel like lipstick
for your ears. Ha!

Browse my Circle Dance earrings in silver here

Browse my Circle Dance earrings in brass (gold) here