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Puppy love and earrings

wearing big silver disc earrings with puppy
I love doggies and all the unconditional love they give. I also
love to make and wear earrings. Not once have my earrings ever been 
problematic with our doggos. Sometimes there might be a sniff
of curiosity but never a pull or tug. Thats a someting good in my book!

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Showstopping large silver hammered disc earrings

large silver hammered disc earrings with a plant

My Circle Dance earrings were meant to be show stoppers, and they are!
These earrings can make a bad hair day look good. They are exceptionally
attention getting on both long hair and short hair gals. They were named
circle dance becuase they will seriously have you wanting to get up and move!
I kid you not. If you wear no other jewlery, these earrings speak volumes.

As always each pair are handcrafted. Cut out with a tiny jewelers say. Filed
and sanded. Heat fired to soften the metal for the hammer striking. Scubbed
clean. Put into a tumbler for further cleaning and polishing. Then beautifully
packaged for you and your ears!


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Go with everything petite silver earrings


silver disc earrings in hand

Having go-to earrings makes getting ready easy. Especially 
for easy, everyday, casual style. Those days when you
are running errands but want to feel put together. My cute little
sterling silver Drum Circle earrings are just right. Your ears 
won't feel naked. Your blues jeans and tee shirt
will look more intentional. And you might be left feeling a bit cute!

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