Blog posts of '2021' 'September'

Long silver earrings for feeling sexy and cute

long silver stick hoop earrings on ear

Long silver earrings that leave you feeling both sexy and cute.
How about that?! Yes earrings can be quite powerful. Longer
earrings have always had a playful elegance. How lucky are we
to have ears that we get to decorate! So scoop a pair of these
so you can sieze the day and feel like a cutie while doing it.

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A black necklace is a wardrobe must have

wearing long back chain silver bead Y necklace

A black necklace should be a staple in every jewelry box. It's the same
as having a dependable pair of black pants or that little black dress. 
You just need those in your closet! When in doubt you can't go
wrong wearing black. My Midnight Sky necklace pairs weill with not only
your black attire but really any color. Soft pastels, bold vibrant colors
and even busy patterend clothing. A black necklace always works. 

Browse my Midnight Sky Necklace here for more details


Evening out with a sparkly necklace

wearing silver star & crystal necklace in aqua dress

If you're like me then an evening out calls for special jewelry,
clothes, makeup an perfume. Or should I say just wearing
perfume, any period! This darling Grandma is wearing her new sparkly
silver star birthstone necklace while dining out with friends.
Grandma is also wearing her new sparkly custom earrings. You can't forget
about the ears, right?!

Click here to see more details about the Star necklace

Click here to see more details about the Star Earrings

Long earrings that are both fun and cool

long silver hoop stick earrings on clay pot

Being able to have a piece of art, such as these earrings
hang from your lobes is so very fun. Ornaments and be used
on your body not just a tree! Even if your are only
wearing these earrings a statment is being made. And in my
book the longer the earrings are the more cool they are. 
Long earrings add an element of glamour and 
intrigue. They catch your eye!

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You need to add this chunky chain necklace to your wardrobe


chunky silver chain gold ring necklace on neck with green top

If you haven't bought any new jewelry for awhile
my chunky chain necklace can be just the piece to update
your jewelry box. Plus they look great layered with other
necklaces inlcuding delicate ones. But if you just want to
wear 1 necklace this one will do the job. It up levels your
wardrobe at the same time.

Browse my Little ORing necklace here for more details

A kitty cat necklace to celebrate your fur baby

copper cat silver chain necklace on wood
This kitty cat necklace shows just how much our pets
mean to us. I get it. I have doggies that have my whole heart.
This necklace was made for my niece who adores her new
cat Nugz. When we pet our fur babes we get a lot of
good oxytocin from that connection. So my hope
is that when she wears this necklace it will
connect her to that feeling and good vibe. How wonderful
to have on those days that aren't always so good.
May her Kitty Cat Necklace bring her peace, comfort and love!

Browse the Kitty Cat necklace here for more details.

Want your own kitty cat or doggie necklace? Give me a
shout and we'll get started.

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Celebrating a new babe with this gold initial necklace

gold chain initial gemstone necklace on trunk with plant

It sure is exciting when a new baby enters the world! 
This gold inital birthstone necklace is a celebration of
a new little blessing. A baby boy born in August. 
S of course o green peridot birthsotnes had to be included.
His mama has a style that is simple, tasteful and on
the minimal side. Her necklace was designed with that
in mind. Here to a new baby and a new moma and whole
lotta love!

Browse the gold necklace here for more details

Wamt to have an initial necklace made for someone
you love? Or yourself? Shoot me an email

Light up the room with this shiny star necklace

silver star Swarovski crystal necklace on neck

This necklace is all about dazzle, sparkle and shine. It's for Grandma
Debbie and she is shining the light on all of dear grandchildren. 
They are the jewels in her crown! The silver stars are shiny 
the Swarovski crystals are even shinier! I can imagine her
grandchildren climbing in her lap to find their very own star
and birthstone. I can just picture it. It will give her stories to tell
when they sit snuggled together and enoying feeling so special to her.

Browse Star necklace here for more details

Email me for your own custom piece or Grandma necklace!

This necklace transitions right into the Fall season

sterling artisan circle necklace on wood

When the seasons change so does our clothes, shoes and jackets. 
That sometimes includes jewelry. But my Surround Yourself necklace
can be enjoyed year round and easliy transitions into Fall with this
nice black leather cord. This necklace will blend perfectly
with sweaters, blazers, skirts and boots. This can easily become
a go-to piece because it wearable with so many outfit style. 

Browese my Surround Yourself Necklace here for more details

Express yourself with jewelry and color


wearing chunky silver chain gold circle necklace

My dear friend Rashanee is full of sunshine and good humor.
And she also dresses in very cheerful colors which add to her
personality. She always finds something to be positive about. 
Wearing my Little ORing necklace with this silky green print
top suits her well. Stylish happy style. It tickles me pink
when I saw this photo of her wearing my necklace. 
Thats a happy dance feeling for me!

Browse my Little ORing Necklace here