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A Shining Star Necklace for Grandma

grandma wearing star charm birthstone necklace

Actually this Grandma has a necklace full of silver stars
and shiny birthstones. Each child being is represented and cherished
for their individual personalities and sweet faces. Each one a new addition
to the family tree. Grandma jewels in a necklace.

This was custom necklace request so fun.I could hardly wait
to design! My client wanted something pretty, sparkly
and eyecatching. A necklace her grands might notice.
Pieces, like the star charms that can be be touched. Enjoyed!
Knowing they are the 'jewels in her crown'.
She also wants to eventually pass down their pieces.
So each star and birthstone can be removed and added to 
a bracelet or somethig new.

Browse this Grandma Star Necklace for more detail

Evening out with a sparkly necklace

wearing silver star & crystal necklace in aqua dress

If you're like me then an evening out calls for special jewelry,
clothes, makeup an perfume. Or should I say just wearing
perfume, any period! This darling Grandma is wearing her new sparkly
silver star birthstone necklace while dining out with friends.
Grandma is also wearing her new sparkly custom earrings. You can't forget
about the ears, right?!

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