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Wear your happy with a pink sweater & silver earrings

pink sweater with silver earrings

How you dress most definity can affect your mood. If you are hoping 
for a feel good day think about choosing to wear clothes and earrings
that do the trick. You know what your favorites are. Choose your mood!
Wearing this vibrant pink and orange sweater feels like you are
going to a party almost. It's hard to imagine being or feeling
grumpy while wearing. These earrings have a playful design regardless.
With all the compliments you'll be getting how could you not feel happy?!
(I'm speaking from personal experience. I have people wanting to buy these
straight from my own ears!)

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Rustic with modern earrings

modern silver earrings on rusted bars

Opposites DO attract. Just look at how my long
silver hoop stick earrings show up agains this
textured aged copper?!  Its the same reason
wearing black and white outfits are always so
striking. So if you want to wear and age old
textured jacket with you're well worn earthy western
boots and these shiny earrings you most certainly can!
Go for it! And get ready for compliments too.

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Long earrings that are both fun and cool

long silver hoop stick earrings on clay pot

Being able to have a piece of art, such as these earrings
hang from your lobes is so very fun. Ornaments and be used
on your body not just a tree! Even if your are only
wearing these earrings a statment is being made. And in my
book the longer the earrings are the more cool they are. 
Long earrings add an element of glamour and 
intrigue. They catch your eye!

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