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Unleash your inner badass with this chunky mixed metal necklace!

silver brass chunky chain necklace on copper vase

This necklace delivers instant badass vibes, so let the
unleashing begin! You can still be a badass wearing a simple
design. Its all about those details. A blend of chunky chain with 
a bold brass center ring can be worn with everyday tee's
and tops. Or go ALL black for a concert or dinner out. 
Think about this a blue jean jacket and ya can't go wrong!

Browse the Little ORing necklace for more details.

Working on a necklace at work

silver statement necklace on mannequin
Yes, as a jewelry designer I was working on this necklace while
at work! Lucky me. This mannequin has worn many styles and lengths of jewelry.
I can't imagine not having it. I can clearly see how and where a necklace
will fall. Exceptions are made because we aren't all the size of this
mannequin. But I have work arounds for that. 
Shown on this mannequin is my Big Oring necklace. Designed to be a
statement necklace with adjustable length. To be worn casual or dressed up.
After completeling and popping on my manequin I felt that I accomplished
my mission. 

Browse my Big Oring Necklace here

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You need to add this chunky chain necklace to your wardrobe


chunky silver chain gold ring necklace on neck with green top

If you haven't bought any new jewelry for awhile
my chunky chain necklace can be just the piece to update
your jewelry box. Plus they look great layered with other
necklaces inlcuding delicate ones. But if you just want to
wear 1 necklace this one will do the job. It up levels your
wardrobe at the same time.

Browse my Little ORing necklace here for more details

Express yourself with jewelry and color


wearing chunky silver chain gold circle necklace

My dear friend Rashanee is full of sunshine and good humor.
And she also dresses in very cheerful colors which add to her
personality. She always finds something to be positive about. 
Wearing my Little ORing necklace with this silky green print
top suits her well. Stylish happy style. It tickles me pink
when I saw this photo of her wearing my necklace. 
Thats a happy dance feeling for me!

Browse my Little ORing Necklace here