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Warm wishes with red jewelry


red colorful jewelry on wood

Red is considered a warm color on the color wheel. 
And with the Fall season underway and Winter just around
the corner you might want to consider warming up with my 
It's All Good Good necklace and my Color Me Happy bracelet.
They are both colorful and incude red beads and crystals. Like little
mini fireplaces around your neck and wrist! LOL. Beside
the warmth of the color red my necklace brings instant cheer.
And adding to that is my fun bracelet design with multi gemstone
colors. Kind of like good mood jewelry!! Try it.

Browse my Color Me Happy bracelet here

Browse my It's All Good Necklace here

A bracelet stack for happier living


wearing a stack of artsy bracelets with blue jeans

Jewelry can change your mood - be it uplifting, sentimental, empowered
or in love. Express yourself by wearing these unpretentiously cool pieces
that reflect your taste, attitude and personality. When slipped these bracelets
on my wrist today I felt armored in feeling like me. and that felt good!

Each of these bracelets carry special meaning. Staring with my Wildflower
bracelet which really has me feeling like a free spirit. My Soulfed 
set of three cuffs is all about feeding your soul with wonderful reminders. The Amore
heart bracelet brings that key ingredient of love. Yes please! And last but
certainly not least is my Petite coin bar bracelet offers a sentimental memory.

All of these together make me feel empowered, a little badass and yes happier!

You can wear your happy too:)