Blog posts of '2019' 'December'

Feed your wanderlust with coin jewelry from all around the globe

wood piece filled with coin jewelry

For lovers of art and history you'll be excited about my new coin jewelry! These gorgeous token,
touched by so many hands are filled with artistic designs, culture and are a true piece of history.

I already can't wait to design more pieces. If you want to see the new pieces then 
shop the Wanderlust Coin Collection

Browsing "A Day in the Life of California" with a wrap bracelet

wrap bracelet on wrist with book

  I love the concept of this book "A Day in the Life of California". Within a 24 hour period,
  100 of the worlds most talented photojournalists put their skills to work. Capturing life from
  Northern to Southern California in one day. April 29, 1988

  I bought this years ago for a fun coffee table book and even I love it now just as much as when
  I first bought it. Funny, entertaining, educational and so much more.

  Wearing my pyrite wrap bracelet while browsing had me feeling like a California girl!

   For more detail on this wrap shop here.