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Experience Los Angeles with cute earrings and cool offbeat guide book

yellow LA guedebook with artisan earrings

If you're looking for an authentic Los Angeles experience then you need to checkout the
Wildsam Field Guide. This offbeat and soulful guide shares expert intel on everything from palm trees,
surf spots, movie palaces, food, secret stairs, mountain hikes and downtown art.

Of course you'll need some cute earrings before you head out exploring. So why not wear some
some that were made right here in my Southern California Studio?!

You can shop these Iolite Hoop Sticks or feel free browse all of my earrings 

Summer wedding jewelry and a book of Love

Blue green gemstone jewelry and a Rumi book on  love

When a dear friend was asked to officiate a wedding ceremony she wanted a pretty necklace to go with a
teal color scheme. Naturally I could hardly wait to get started!

And what better gift than a book of love by the compelling poet Rumi

If you have a special occasion and an outfit that needs jewelry send me an email becuase I love to do just that!!